Rez Re-release?

There’s a rumor that’s passed around OPM magazine a couple of times and recently picked up by GMR (both affiliated, hmmm) that Sega is considering re-releasing the psychedelic music game/shooter Rez, possibly as soon as November. This is good news for those of us who missed the game on what must have been a very limited initial release in the states; a used copy can rarely be found for less than fifty bucks. And all indications point toward the re-release at a price point of about twenty dollars. Nailing down hard info on this is maddeningly difficult, however.

Sadly, I don’t think Sega will be releasing the Trance Vibrator peripheral along with it, as reported in game girl advance: Sex in Games: Rez Vibrator back in 2002. This article is pretty harmless but might not be considered safe for work.

Hey, there’s one of these up for sale on eBay. There’s a thought for Valentine’s Day…