I Never Learn

Here is the newest in a long, long line of distracting, defeatist, self-destructive urges I have given into in my life.

You see, I already have two long-standing Web projects: the long-running Bad Movie Report, and I’ve been editor of Attack of the 50 Foot DVD for some time; frequently, I’m the only one writing reviews there.

But I’m also, for the first time in my life, actively making a living by writing; a six-month contract during which, in this particular phase, I am delivering a full-fledged script every three and a half days.

Needless to say, There has not been much done in the non-or-low-paying world of the movie websites. Props to fellow Webmaster The Hong Kong Cavalier for making sure 50 Foot DVD didn’t become a cobweb-site like the BMR, for which I’ve written nothing since August. Not even my usual Yearly Anniversary Column, which usually degenerated into cranky old man ravings, anyway.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I had written half of the Cranky Old Man column, but then my glorious new Gateway laptop decided to blow it’s sexy LCD monitor, and now Gateway has it in its bosom, replacing the sorry little critter. Hooray for warranties. And hooray for my old steam-driven computer, which still soldiers on bravely so I might continue to get work done. Or not, in the current case.

One of the first things in that half-formed column, besides the traditional apologies for not updating, was the sentiment, “Thank God I don’t have a blog – that would just be one more thing to not update.”

Now look at me. I have a blog.

More later. I must buy groceries.