Greetings, New Followers

I know you’re out there. We always pick up a few new followers during the Hubrisween event, so welcome. Also, I hope you were not fooled by that event into thinking that we always update daily. We generally try to do that once a week, and we generally fail at that.

We are also not sure when we started speaking of ourselves employing the royal “we”.

It was probably about the time I accidentally published this on Halloween day. Hooray for being pulled in multiple directions!


If you look at the little calendar widget to the right, you’ll see that October was pretty solid, but the months leading up to it were… spotty. Truthfully, watching and reviewing 26 movies is time-consuming, and I had been banking reviews for October since July. And I was still writing up Zoombies on Day 30. Every other time I’ve done this, I wound up hating movies for a couple of weeks, which is when you get a post about solitaire games or fidget spinners.

Get to writing, boy. Your cookies depend on it.

This time is different, for some reason. Well, the reason is actually obvious, and that reason is my brain is drying up with age, because I am going to try to do it again next month. With only a month to throw this together, it’s probably going to get smaller in scope as December 1 approaches, but barring untoward circumstances, something will be happening here. The baby Jesus only knows what that might be.


There are only two things you should know about me, going forward.

You are never going to convince me that Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a good movie.

You are never going to convince me that The Last Jedi is a bad movie.

If you’re able to live with that, again, welcome. We’ll try to have some fun.



  1. Completely agree regarding “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and “The Last Jedi”. My personal favorite version of Dracula is still BBC’s 1977 version (In terms of sticking to the novel). Although in terms of sheer entertainment value, Hammer’s “Dracula” wins out.

    • I, too, am a fan of the BBC Dracula, although they did have to do a bit of story fudging of their own. And when I was directing a vampire play on stage, I showed Hammer’s to my cast to show them that yes, it was possible to play it straight.

  2. Freeman, I’ve been reading your reviews for at least 18 and maybe even 19 years, and I never knew that I’d have to part company with you over Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I’m kidding of course. I hope I can keep up with your stuff-I’ve recently cut back on social media distractions which somehow translates into me reading blogs sometimes again….

  3. Heh. I liked the art direction a lot in that Dracula flick (sue me later) and after seeing The Last Jedi today (crappy Netflix connection and all), I can say I didn’t hate it other than the ridiculous body count (war is hell, yes, but it was like the Rebels were using battle plans bought off the internet and photocopied upside down and backwards).

    • Yeah, our badass flyboy didn’t realize the Hero’s Death Exemption™ didn’t apply to his bomber wing.

      The art direction in Bram Stoker’s Dracula was beautiful. I just wish the movie itself deserved it.

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