The Horror of Boutiques 2018

After an evening of frustration dealing with a graphics program I only use once a year, and the program not willing to save the graphic in any form I wish to use it, then finding Facebook refusing to post this in any form for my fellow bloggers, or a link to a private page on this blog, I am finally forced to throw up my hands and say, here! It’s a preview! Coming your way in October! And then pour myself a double.




  1. It’s Santa’s Satan-y way of getting you to do a post, pumpkinhead. Then again, I do recall WP eating a long post I was working on whole once when it didn’t autosave (I was working for about 3 hours straight) and the laptop decided to reboot. Good Times (every time you meet a payment)…

  2. [CrazyRalph/] We’re all doomed! This marathon’s got a death curse! [/CrazyRalph]

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