Look, In The Trees! It’s Coming!

As promised, here it is, October, and you are going to get terribly, terribly tired of me. That is because October 6, this will begin:

Hubrisween 3 Black

Yes, a re-run of last year’s Hubrisween. Twenty-six days, a movie a day, A through Z. Last year it was the originator – Checkpoint TelstarThe Terrible Claw Reviews, and myself. This year, Web of the Big Damn Spider and Microbrewed Reviews  will join the “fun”.

That banner at the top of each review will take you to Hubrisween Central, a collection of links to each review as they post. And yes, there will be a 2015 version of last year’s Letterboxd page. Here’s a preview:


I haven’t been exactly idle while I’ve been gone. Though I haven’t been posting here, I’m still watching movies for that 100 Films Challenge I suckered myself into.  The need to comment on movies I watch runs deep, it seems, because I’ve still been reviewing them, but on the Letterboxd site, where I feel a little better about engaging in what Warren Ellis calls “first draft writing”. I don’t know why that is, but it’s enabled me to get them off my brain and still leave time to bank Hubrisween reviews and take care of my other writing projects. Almost. (but it was a good plan)

Here’s what you’ve missed (yes, yes, this is all on my List 2015 page, but we’re all here now):


8 1/2


The Sting

The Dance of Reality

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

The 10th Victim


Samurai Rebellion

The Lady Vanishes

In the Realm of the Senses

There. Now we’re all caught up. See you in a couple of days, then every night through Halloween.

(dammit, this song still plasters a big ol’ grin across my face!)




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