Oh Hai

I said in a post to the Letterboxd social site that my work duties lessen during the Summer. The Universe has proceeded to punish me for that statement.

A Writing Project that is currently keeping a roof over my head had entered its next phase, which I have been champing at the bit to start since about January – be careful what you wish for. 80,000 words due August 1.

The lessened workload I was bragging about has concentrated itself in this week and the next. We had a rain non-event last Tuesday that shut everything down, thanks to Tropical Storm Bill. Nervousness over the floods of Memorial Day, fed by local news media. You’d think these people had never been through a hurricane. Anyway, that means the day off (admittedly, I really needed the rest) jams everything that needs to be done in the remaining time.

Speaking of hubris (see opening statement), there’s that list of 100 movies I swore to watch this year. It is nearly July and as of this writing, I’ve only watched 35. There is something about having to watch them that kicks off my procrastination circuit something fierce. Then, like the Riddler, I have some sort of compulsion to actually write about the experience of watching them.

That post is getting longer and longer. Yes, I am still writing it. When I have the time.

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong...

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong…

I direct you to the page about it – sometimes I just wrote a few paragraphs (if that) on Letterboxd instead of my usual lengthy blithering here. That page has links to those.

The first week in July my job will do its annual job of attempting to murder me as we cover the City’s Fourth of July parade, which is held on July 3. Don’t get me started.

I have a family which requires some attention. I cook. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who knows how to use the dishwasher. We go this Sunday to visit my Dad. All these things take time.

And oh yeah, the show every Friday and Saturday night, scooping out my life from 5:00 – Midnight. Prime movie-watching and writing time.

Well, this is the life I chose (and as the meme goes, also chose me), and I better get to living it.

Lengthy review-centered post, soon-ish. When I get the time.


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