Coming Distractions

Well, I did keep telling you that come October, you would be getting heartily sick of me.

Internet madman Tim Lehnerer started a Halloween movie challenge last year while deep into October. Deep enough that he called it “Hubrisween” and the name stuck. This year two other hapless movie bloggers will join him, and one of those is me.

Starting next Monday the 6th, this blog, Tim’s Checkpoint Telstar and Gavin Smith’s Terrible Claw Reviews will update daily, each day reviewing another horror movie, starting with the letter A and progressing on through Halloween and the letter Z.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Just look for this banner, or one like it:

Click here for Roundtable Central!

And if you were wondering what might be waiting for you on Monday, here’s a preview:

-Hubrisween Reviews 2014, a list of films by Freeman Williams • Letterboxd (1)

See you Monday. And every freakin’ day thereafter.

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