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My week, artist's interpretation.

My week, artist’s interpretation.

I’m alive. Not very nimble or demonstrative, but I’m here. On my second day of “rest”, if your definition of rest includes mundane chores like going to the grocery store and having your car’s oil changed. I was thankful for the timing of President’s Day, as it gave me an actual weekend to recover.

The best part of last week was going to the monthly meeting of the local School Board, when the two people who normally run the cameras while I ride levels on the sound board were both absent, and i found myself running the robot cameras for the first time. Many freshman mistakes were made that night, but as my supervisor at the District said, “If anybody complains, I’ll tell them to come run the cameras next time.”

I look forward to going back to my usual work station next month.

You remember how I keep saying the 60s didn’t really die until the early 70s? Well, the week from hell won’t die until tomorrow night, when we have yet another private show.  Toughest part of this one should be maneuvering through rush hour traffic to get to the hotel. Then I get to be an asshole for two acts, then die.

The flip side of the President’s Day coin, too, is that being unsalaried, I have to move my regular Monday hours across the rest of the week. The ring I’m holding out for myself is a Crapfest this Saturday. I’m looking forward to that.

Sunday involved a lot of movie-watching. Both parts of the animated Dark Knight Returns, which was superb, although I was sadly underwhelmed by Michael Emerson’s Joker (Peter Weller is an excellent Batman, though). Skyfall, which was good, and The Man With the Iron Fists, which wasn’t, but I intend to talk about that later this week. Also watched the 1973 The Outfit, because Daily Grindhouse wants to start the podcast up again. It was a pretty good, stripped-down version of the Donald E. Westlake novel, and it really made me wish Robert Duvall had done more badass roles.

Now I need to do some writing for pay, so please excuse me. I just didn’t want to interject another lengthy pause on the blog.