I Don’t Believe It Either

Whole lot of unpleasantness on the home front lately; I may bore you with it someday, but suffice to say due to a nasty set of coincidences – the Internet is currently an unfunded luxury at my home, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Irony of ironies, though: I have some access at the Hated Job.

That’s not what I’m here for, though. To those two or three of you that check in here: there is actually a new review at The Bad Movie Report. Yes, believe it or not. It doesn’t go officially live until tomorrow. Have a preview.

Time to go home now and… oh, I don’t know. Watch a movie, perhaps.


  1. Thanks, it’s great to see the site updated. Here’s hoping things will start looking up finacialy for you.Say, I’m curious, why exactly did you give up on MST3K?

  2. Oh Doc… You’ve still got it. That lolcats caption just about killed me.

  3. New…review? At the Bad Movie Report?I’ve…I’ve forgotten what I should do when that happens!

  4. Bog: MST3K finally started losing its luster for me – perhaps ironically – when it was rescued by the Sci-Fi Channel. I believe they were pressured by the suits there to appeal to a broader audience, and tone down the rapid-fire pop culture references. Before that, I had found the show extremely smart (mainly because I got 90% of the references), and loved it. So I’m a Joel person.Thanoseid: Mwoo ha ha.Beckoning: This is why I haven’t done anything with the blog, since. Don’t want to flood the market.

  5. Horror of Party Beach is the only example I’ve ever seen of that rare hyphenate, the “writer-cinematographer.”

  6. Woo, nice to see a new review! Sorry about the RL crap, though.

  7. New review…NEW BMR REVIEW!!! OMGWTFLOL!!! SW33T!!!***Editor’s note: the writer is currently experiencing such an amount of rapturous joy that he can no longer type in anything but ‘netspeak, so I sent him away to do his disturbing Happy Dance somewhere else. You’ll thank me.–Ed.***

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