And then he starts talking about animals, for pete’s sake

Well that was a week that I’m glad I won’t have to relive at any point. Not too horrible, but certainly not good, either. It’s not an easy thing to work for one of the few dentists in the area that’s open on Fridays; it’s even worse when that Friday is jump-off for Memorial Day, n’est ce pas? I really resented coming back from lunch, and the fact that everyone seemingly waited until that point to call with their “emergencies”.

Oh, yeah, the lady who “just noticed that her bridge came out” (“just noticed”? How the hell-?) and was most pointedly not a patient of record, but for whom we were closer, and I got the dentist and the assistant to stay, and we finally gave up on at twenty minutes past quitting time: screw you.

Since you did not call to say you were running late, or you were not going to make it at all, and deprived me of the chance of telling you this in person, I’ll just go ahead and use the Internet: Screw. You.

Because I have any number of people who come through the office and are friendly, courteous and reasonable, but because inconsiderate idiots like you are the only ones I remember, through some unfortunate quirk in my mental makeup: Screw. You.

And rest assured: my memory is long. There are still people in my third grade class that are going to pay.

Astrologically speaking, I am told there are three incarnations of the sign Scorpio: the Grey Lizard, the Scorpion, and the Eagle. The Scorpion stings its enemies repeatedly, viciously, then moves on. The Grey Lizard seethes and plots vengeance, hatred and anger eating at its gut and leeching the world of color. The eagle, of course, is confident in its superiority and soars over it all. I have been the Eagle at times; but under current circumstances, I’m feeling pretty damn reptilian.

Tomorrow Lisa and I will be going to see the touring company of Spamalot; that will be interesting, as I usually have two experiences at theatrical shows: either I hate it because it isn’t any good, or I am bitter because it was good and I had nothing to do with it. We will see if a few years of absence – or hell, just a few years, period – will change anything.

First chance in a long time to commiserate with my music, and damned if there isn’t a sort of through-line.

01. Don’t You Know – The Fifth Estate
02. Fox on the Run – Manfred Mann
03. It’s Now or Never – Elvis
04. After the Snow – Modern English
05. Asleep From Day – Chemical Brothers
06. My Blue Heaven – Henri Rene
07. Kaleidoscope – Art of Trance
08. Strange Days – The Doors
09. Too Late to Turn Back Now – Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
10. Love (Can Make You Happy) – Mercy