Still Only 24 Hours in a Day? DAMN!

So for a while now, my wife Lisa – who teaches at, and also acts as Administrator of, a private school for dyslexic children – has been trying to work herself to death. Her church is important to her, so besides her duties as worship leader at the contemporary service, she was convinced to head the Evangelism Committee (which needed “new blood”). Then she was asked to teach third grade Sunday School. At each of these, i would sigh and say, “Oh good. You have so much time on your hands, you needed a hobby.”

So she received a phone call a few weeks ago from an old friend – one of my old flames, in point of fact – who was directing a show and needed an actress. Lisa had been pining for the stage for quite some time, so I knew how important it was to her. So I would play single parent at night for a while – no big thing at all.

This is, it turns out, A Sherlock Holmes play, and Lisa was asked to play Irene Adler, or as Holmes and his fans know her, “The Woman”. It’s an interesting combination of William Gilette’s sturdy old warhorse of a play, a couple of penny dreadful set-ups, and “The Final Problem”. And word came back to me, via Lisa, that there was a problem: the actor playing Moriarty was not very good – he wasn’t “getting it”.

How can one “not get” Moriarty, for God’s sake? If Adler is “The Woman”, Moriarty is “The Villain”. THE Villain. The only way the role could be better, more self-explanatory, would be if for some reason Moriarty was wearing Dr. Doom’s armor!

So Thursday night I received a phone call while sitting down to dinner with my family – the actor had been fired. Would I please take over the role?

So. I now have two weeks to opening. Guess I needed a hobby, too.

01. Soul Experience – Iron Butterfly
02. My Ashes – Porcupine Tree
03. Dark Continent – Scott Fitzgerald
04. My Baby Loves Lovin’ – White Plains (again, a heckuva segue)
05. Adam & Eve – October Project
06. Reload – Rob Zombie
07. I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You – Elvis
08. Adiemus – Adiemus
09. Take A Chance on Me – ABBA
10. Cheek to Cheek – Frank Sinatra


  1. I would SO go for a <>Sherlock Holmes vs. Dr. Doom<> one-shot.

  2. Hell, I’d buy that in hardcover.

  3. Whoa, whoa, let’s not get CRAZY here.

  4. It’d be called “A Scandal in Latveria”, right?

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