Ah, it has been a rare 24 hours. Firstly, before hitting the sack last night, my main character in City of Heroes hit level 49. That means nothing to most of you (i.e., the sane people), but the level cap in the game is 50 – once you hit fifty, you can go no further, but you do gain the ability to create a new character – a human/alien fusion with special powers. Gee, it only took me a year – and twenty-five characters – to reach this point.

Then I wake up this morning to find that Tom DeLay has retired from politics. My word! It seems I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to vote him out of office, and now he is scampering quietly into the night. Man. Now who will I be pissed off about?

I’m sure I’ll find something

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  1. You do know that as you’ve hit level 50 you will be run over by a truck and assumed to heaven. Where it is revealed it was part of a plan to find the one most worthy to lead Heaven’s forces in the final battle. That or you’re going to get into mischief with Robert Preston and Cathrine Mary Stewart, I get confused. And congrats on Delay, when ever I get pissy about miserable North Carolina I think I could be in Texas, and it comforts me like a warm blanket.

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