Yet Another Open Letter to the Coca-Cola Company

Dear Sirs,

Regarding your announcement that you will remove Vanilla Diet Coke from the market at the end of this year:

You bastards.


Freeman Williams, Esq.


  1. I’m sure “addiction” is too strong a word to use…

  2. Perhaps they will replace it with Vanilla Coke Zero? Yeah, too much to hope for, I know.

  3. Laugh if you will, Scott, I shall not be held responsible when the steeets run red with blood.

  4. Oh God, time to start stockpiling, and to be safe make space on the shelf for coke zero too.

  5. I say buy regular diet coke, then mix it with vanilla vodka. That oughta do the trick.

  6. Excellent suggestion especially as I’ve discovered Publix diet cola tastes exactly like Coke Zero.

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