As the spouse of a teacher, summer always blindsides me. It makes my life seem so schizophrenic; nine months of being left to myself, followed by three months of “Whatcha doing?” “Wanna go to the store?” “Just checking on you.”

Other things occupying my life:

Remember the storms I mentioned earlier? Lightning struck a tree in my back yard and sheared off the top half. Luckily, given the fact that I love trees, the rest of the tree seems to have survived, but I discovered it is simply amazing that I have managed to get to this point in my adult life, living in a Gulf Coast state, without owning a chainsaw.

Returning to the summer disruption trope, I have also discovered that a simple trip to the store to purchase wood screws and twine can suddenly turn into a two hour shopping expedition.

Lisa also decided it was time once again for a pool in the back yard (luckily, after clearing out the half-a-tree) and splurged on one of those largish inflatables that actually has a circulation/filtration pump. When summer is over, it is going to look like a flying saucer landed, leaving a perfect circle of crushed, dead grass. I have informed Lisa that when my father, aka The Lawn Nazi, comes over for Thanksgiving, she gets to deal with him about that.

I visited the set for one of the video games I scripted; that is to say, the one where the cut scenes are being shot with live actors on a bluescreen soundstage. Many familiar faces there, from my days of jobbing into video shoots as a teleprompter, so I got to play catchup during the ebb and flow of Setting Up The First Shot. This is fairly exciting for a while, but unless you have a specific job to do, a movie set is one of the most boring places on Earth. I was mainly there to record a couple of lines of dialogue, since apparently I do the Airport PA Voice very well.

Oh, yeah, that and I’m researching for a new script that’s due the end of this month. Nope, can’t go into details about that, either.

Yep, I am The Exciting Guy.

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