Flipping the Calendar

…is something I still haven’t gotten around to doing. The month of April passed by so quickly (much of it lost, probably, to the painkilling drugs after the reaming tax time inflicted upon me) that I feel I have not had time to truly appreciate A Bold Bluff, April’s offering in my Dogs Playing Poker calendar.

Usually I can manage to find a calendar more in keeping with my, um, refined tastes, but not this year. No, the closest I could come is kitsch. Such is life.

Ah- this month is Post Mortem, a sort-of follow-up to A Bold Bluff, just with fewer dogs. They are, alas, not holding cards but some sort of soda cracker or biscuit, which totally violates the Dogs Playing Poker agreement under which I bought the calendar. I’d sue, if I had the time.


  1. Hey look! That one’s cheating!

  2. Some of the pictures show them with suits and uniforms on, others show them completely unadorned.These dogs are playing <>strip<> poker.

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