The Reward for Doing Good Work

Much as I may kvetch about the way work has, unbidden, taken over my life, the fact of the matter is I appreciate being busy much more than the alternative; after two plus years of being severely underemployed, it’s nice to not have to worry about bills. Though it would be nice to be able to watch an occasional movie again.

So it was with a little bit of trepidition that I approached the end of my scripting for the second project, although there’s still a couple of weeks of tweaking, and then doing some pickups and support materials for the first project. So it was a bit of a relief to be asked to stick around for a meeting discussing another educational product yesterday. Or it would have been had it not ended with a version of this:

“Okay, so now what we need is a punchy paragraph describing the story, the characters and the gameplay for the grant proposal. Oh, and we need it by Monday.”

“What story? What gameplay?”

“You’re the writer. Come up with something.”

So I’m teetering on the razor’s edge between a shout of joy and a moan of despair.

But hell – it beats working at a dinner theater for $100 a week.


  1. I dare you to describe the story and gameplay like Resident Evil 4. I double dog dare you! Triple dog dare you!

  2. I’m sure the concepts and authoring you came up with are first rate (and no, this isn’t an application for the “Toady” position advertised recently), but, well––it’s been <>two weeks<>, man, since the last update, you don’t want to end up like season two of Twin Peaks, do you?

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